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Shelley Hill Inc. has only one set of prices. We cost out every pool separately to get an accurate price. We give our customers our best and only price first. Our prices are based on labor, materials & equipment, overhead, and a fair and modest profit. If our prices are higher than other Gunite pools installation contractors, it is due to the quality of the product we produce as outlined above or due to the hands-on service we provide to our Hudson Valley area customers.



Our contract has been reviewed and approved by a NEW YORK CITY CIVIL COURT JUDGE who is a customer and considered it very fair and informative.

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Quality over Quantity

We don't just work in the Hudson Valley we also live here. Shelley Hill Inc. is a family business who is dedicated to providing superior quality with attention to detail. Rhinebeck Gunite Swimming Pool contractor in Dutchess county New York

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Gunite swimming Pool Finish...



This is the final step of the Gunite pool's installation process. It determines the color of the pool. Marcite, or "Plaster," is mixed on the back of a specialized truck and then pumped onto the pool


Final touches

Then, our experienced Gunite pool experts towel it until smooth. This is also the day we fill your pool with water. It happens within hours of completing the Marcite step of the Gunite pool's installation process.  

swimming Pool contractors Rhinebeck New York


upgraded finish

For a more polished or higher end feel, pools can also be finished with PebbleTec© or completely tiled for a totally custom look. For a customizable finish the gunite pool can be completely tiled. 

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