About us Gunite in New York


What makes our pools superior to our competitors...

All of our Gunite pools in Hudson Valley, NY and in surrounding cities are constructed following the design and exceeding the specifications of a New York State Licensed Professional Engineer. The Gunite pools built by our contractors use more steel (rebar) and GUNITE CONCRETE and provide more CUBIC FEET OF SWIMMING AREA than any other pool contractor in the northeast.


Our Gunite pool installation experts...

DO NOT use the less effective and cheaper WET MIX shot-crete concrete supplied by local redi-mix plants. That inferior method prevents the pool contractor from having any control over his product since the water has already been entered into the mix at the redi-mix plant, and he is at the mercy of the redi-mix plant to use whatever they provide. If their mix has too much water in it, the concrete will be too weak. If it has been in the mixer truck too long, the concrete will be defective. The reason some companies use the wet method shot-crete system is because it is cheaper, due to the fact that they do not have to make the investment in expensive mixer trucks.



Our Designer Gunite pool contract has been reviewed and approved by a NEW YORK CITY CIVIL COURT JUDGE who is a customer and considered it very fair and informative. Serving your neighborhood Swimming Pools Contractor : Construction company the NYC area including Mid-Hudson Valley, Dutchess county and Ulster county.