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All of our Gunite pools in Hudson Valley, NY and in surrounding cities are constructed following the design and exceeding the specifications of a New York State Licensed Professional Engineer. The Gunite pools built by our contractors use more steel (rebar) and GUNITE CONCRETE and provide more CUBIC FEET OF SWIMMING AREA than any other pool contractor in the northeast.

We DO NOT use the less effective and cheaper WET MIX shot-crete concrete supplied by local redi-mix plants. That inferior method prevents the pool contractor from having any control over his product since the water has already been entered into the mix at the redi-mix plant, and he is at the mercy of the redi-mix plant to use whatever they provide. If their mix has too much water in it, the concrete will be too weak. If it has been in the mixer truck too long, the concrete will be defective. The reason some companies use the wet method shot-crete system is because it is cheaper, due to the fact that they do not have to make the investment in expensive mixer trucks. Our Gunite pool installation experts use only the best materials for our customers.


Shelley Hill Inc. has only one set of prices. We cost out every pool separately to get an accurate price. We give our customers our best and only price first. Our prices are based on labor, materials & equipment, overhead, and a fair and modest profit. If our prices are higher than other Gunite pools installation contractors, it is due to the quality of the product we produce as outlined above or due to the hands-on service we provide to our Hudson Valley, Dutchess, Ulster and NY surrounding area customers.


Our contract has been reviewed and approved by a NEW YORK CITY CIVIL COURT JUDGE who is a customer and considered it very fair and informative


best backyard pools

The layout process determines exactly where you want the pool. This ensures that our installation experts place each of our gunite pools properly during the installation process. The pool is marked out with stakes and marking paint by our Gunite pool experts to prepare the area for excavation.


During the excavation process, our gunite pool team digs the hole for your pool. Please notice that the excavation is the floor contour of the pool. The hole is dug according to the location of the stakes and paint, which were laid out during the layout process.


This is one of the most important parts of your gunite swimming pool's installation process, but rarely ever seen or heard about. Our rebar reinforcement well exceeds New York State building requirements. Our plumbing of residential pools out-flow the state turnover rates for the same size commercial pool. This is the stuff that really counts. Our customers can rest assured that our gunite pools installation process is catered to satisfy our customers - including residents of Hudson Valley, Dutchess, Ulster, Columbia, Putnam and Orange, NY, as well as surrounding areas.


The Gunite portion of the pool's installation process creates the "shell" of the pool. In the Gunite pool installation industry, this process is known as the "shoot." Contractors have used gunite in the construction of swimming pools for well over 30 years. Gunite is uniquely desirable for pool construction because of its inherent strength as well as its adaptability to unusual shapes. Gunite gives pools extra strength where it is a must, such as on vertical surfaces including pool walls.

best backyard pools


This is what the top of the pool is capped with. Tile is necessary anywhere on the pool that there will be a waterline. Shelley Hill offers many different coping choices, along with a large array of books filled with all different tiles to choose from. Our large base of satisfied New York area clients is a testament to the guarantee that you'll find the perfect combination to suit your particular taste and style.


As with every phase of the gunite pool construction, Shelley Hill strives for excellence with its plumbing work. We plumb all of our equipment on gunite platforms built with rebar reinforcement on virgin ground. This eliminates settling and possible pipe fracture. As you can see, we do not cheap out on materials:all of our pipe is schedule 40 or better with pressure fittings, not the cheaper "waste drain and vent" fittings. Our loyal New York area customers can testify to our outstanding dedication to quality.  


This is the final step of the Gunite pool's installation process. It determines the color of the pool. Marcite, or "Plaster," is mixed on the back of a specialized truck and then pumped onto the pool. Then, our experienced Gunite pool experts towel it until smooth. This is also the day we fill your pool with water. It happens within hours of completing the Marcite step of the Gunite pool's installation process. For a more polished or higher end feel, pools can also be finished with PebbleTec© or completely tiled for a totally custom look.


"Shelley Hill Pools really delivered. The job started on time, and they were finished in no time!"
- Mr. Zipelli

"Shelley Hill Pools built us a wonderful pool. We have derived a lot of enjoyment from it and feel it was the finishing touch our house needed."
- Ted Baer

"We can't express how pleased we are with our new pool built by shelley Hill Pools. The pool turned out better than we expected and we are enjoying every minute of it."
- the Hayde Family